Become a Star for Veganism: A New Guest Post at Our Hen House

I’m gearing up for a busy week. This weekend, I did what I normally do when I know times are going to get hectic: I cooked. In between a little work and relaxation, I whipped up some chipotle black bean dip, a roasted butternut squash soup (hello, fall!), and a tempeh curry with adzuki beans, broccoli, and snow peas.

I didn’t spend every waking moment in the kitchen, though. I also wrote another guest post for Our Hen House. I am so excited about working with Our Hen House! I’m pretty sure I mentioned that when I announced my guest post last Monday. Today, my piece is about celebrities, videos, and outreach – and how regular folks like you and me don’t have to be celebrities to be stars for veganism.

The Farm Sanctuary video that inspired the post is below. I encourage you to head over to Our Hen House and leave a comment!

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