Fiction Teaser: What I’m Working On

I want to share a little bit of a draft that I’m working on right now. It’s not the novel (not sure what it will be). I promise to keep the disclaimers to a minimum, but I will say that it’s a rough start to a story I’m cooking up about fairies. Cranky fairies who cheat and drink a lot and are not filled with sunshine and magical dust. Just a little teaser so you all know that I actually write some fiction.


Ah, yes, magical fairies. Except the fairies in my story are generally cranky,
drunk, and filled with dystopian anguish.
Art by Jannie Sandholm, via Wikimedia Commons. 

Fiction Excerpt

I tell people Shale is a family name, a first name given to me because it’s been handed down through generations of a male-ruled clan. Shale is such an interesting first name, people say. It’s easy to laugh it off as a name meant for some war-fighting crusty old great-great-great grandfather of mine. Much easier than admitting that the name Shale is a fairy name like John is a human name, about as old as language itself, moving and shifting its form and spelling but still, always, a way to show pride and lineage.

Except I have no pride, and I’ve managed to water down my lineage as much as I can. It’s what you do when you hide in plain sight. When you lie and lie some more, and you tell yourself you’re lying for your family—which is bullshit. It’s all for you. All the fairy power in the world can’t stop me from self-destructing.

I’m drunk. I’m always drunk these days, because it’s simple, and safe, and I don’t have to hide when I’m blending in with everyone else. Company picnic: drunk. Annual review: drunk. Phone calls to the in-laws: very drunk. The slow poison of alcohol is the same for fairies and humans. You feel excited, then murky, then sad, then superhuman (or super-fairy). You combine those feelings all in one, make a few declarations about the state of the world or a dumb commercial on TV, yell at your husband to turn down the volume, and collapse into bed. Morning-after headache and regrets are optional.


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