Five Writing Tips: New Feature Article Published on Our Hen House

Some advice on writing never goes out of style. Write every day. Work on squashing the cranky self-editor. Don’t be afraid to scrap everything you’ve hammered out and start again. I did just that with the first version of this post, actually. Lots of people write (good thing, or I’d be out of a job!). In the wide world of our online existence, anyone can type up some thoughts and hit publish, so I think the more writing tips, the better.

Published today on Our Hen House is my feature article containing advice for vegan writers. I promise you don’t have to be a vegan writer to appreciate what’s in store, though. In the article, I go over five tips—a few related to the nuts and bolts of grammar, some that focus on the writing process—to help writers get their message heard, particularly in the context of this modern world of online words.

It was hard to narrow my tips down to five. What do you think I missed? What’s your favorite piece of writing wisdom?

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