What’s behind the name EditCassandra? I’m an editor primarily, but I’m also a writer. I edit others, and I edit myself. Tough job, but … you know the drill.

Here’s my unofficial story: I’m an editor, writer, and social media maven who edits for healthcare consultants as my full-time job and blogs and writes creative nonfiction and fiction. I’m the best mix of analytical thinker and creative soul.

I grew up on the fast-paced East Coast, went to college in the progressive Pacific Northwest, and settled in the middle of the country in Chicago—it’s my Goldilocks city. I take the sensibilities of all of these places with me in my work and life: I’m practical and driven, creative and open, and compassionate and human.

The official EditCassandra bio is here. Go here if you want to know more about what I do.

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