Independent Media Is Not Dead: Our Hen House Launches New Online Magazine

I hear a lot of talk about what’s dead in publishing. Independent media. Printed books and newspapers. Anything where you have to actually spell out the words you mean instead of using cell phone gibberish. Publishing is definitely changing, and even better than that, independent media is thriving—thanks to Our Hen House’s new online magazine. The new site is packed with features, columns, photos, news, and tons of thought-provoking information on animal rights, veganism, compassionate living, and activism.

This slice of independent media is especially exciting to me because I’ve edited a lot of the content. For months now, I’ve been working with Jasmin, Mariann, and so many of Our Hen House’s talented writers. I can’t wait to keep editing and writing for Our Hen House. It’s been an honor and a privilege, and I know this online magazine will flourish. Independent media is not dead. It is very much alive and kicking.

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4 Responses to “Independent Media Is Not Dead: Our Hen House Launches New Online Magazine”

  1. Abby says:

    Congrats! I can’t wait to check it out.
    As the editor of two print publications and one online Interactive publication, I can attest to the fact that media is certainly changing. While I will always (ALWAYS) like print in my hands, we have to evolve with the times, and who doesn’t like content at the click of a mouse? It’s a delicate balance, to be sure.

    Congrats again on all your hard work.

    • EditCassandra says:

      Thanks, Abby! I will also clutch any format of the printed word in my old-fashioned hands as long as I can, but I think quality content on the web is so important. Here’s hoping that print and online do not become mutually exclusive!

  2. Congratulations on the new endeavour! What an amazing resource.

    • EditCassandra says:

      Thank you! I’m so excited for Our Hen House and for all the people who will have all this great information at their fingertips.

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