Publish or Perish

It’s fitting that I’m writing my first official blog post on the last day of vacation, which also happens to be my five-year anniversary with my main employer. Fall has arrived in Chicago, and it seems even more apparent after my trip to Manhattan. I spent my last day there in short sleeves. Now, as I maneuver my own transition from relaxation and flexible schedules back to my routine of tight deadlines, the leaves are changing, and hot tea is suddenly appealing again. I think about my career five years ago, and I like the idea of starting something new on this day. Again.

I admit that I have always balked at the idea of a blog. It seemed daunting, as an editor—someone who works with words all day—to tap them out and post them publicly, with little time, in theory, to revise and refine. If I don’t get what I’m thinking just right, who will want to listen? Blogging seems like the opposite of editing, but I realize now that accountability to the page, even an electronic one, will give me something every editor needs: the writer’s perspective.

I intend to explore the nuances of language and the editorial process on this blog, but I’m not just an editor. I pull inspiration daily from food and cooking, animal rights, fitness, health, the creative process. Great editors are sponges for ideas, and they keep all that close, underneath the nuts and bolts of grammar, as they approach a manuscript. I want to bring all of it here, to chew on and explore.

On this last day of vacation and a work-related anniversary, my drive to create and engage with language has won out over my own insecurities about putting perfect words out here on the Internet. (The editor in me would probably fix the repetition of “out” in that sentence, but the writer in me has vetoed.) I don’t want to show up at my desk tomorrow and bring the old me, the me who was blocked and frustrated and needed a vacation.

It’s time to publish or perish.

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