Queen of Writing Inertia vs. Blogging Therapist

I’d be a lousy writer if I gave in to every I just don’t feel like it urge that struck me. I’d never get any work done, and I’d need a new title, something like EditCassandra, Queen of Writing Inertia.

Not that long ago I decided to blog weekly. I’ve been keeping up pretty well—with some juicy posts, I might add. No fluff for this gal.

But every once in a while, usually late Wednesday or early Thursday, I start losing some steam. Writing and editing take a flexing of different brain muscles, but they both involve concentration.

And sometimes I get tired of concentrating. Sort of the opposite of overthinking.

Forecast: Periods of Dense Writing Inertia and Fog

Forecast: Periods of Dense Writing Inertia and Fog
Photo Credit: Jodi Geoghan of Mindful Destinations and Yogi Jodi Yoga

I don’t want to write, I say, but then the muscle memory of putting pen to page kicks in enough to help me whip up a draft blog post (want to guess how this post came to be?).

It’s not creative genius or a muse or divine inspiration. It’s the very real result of sitting down in my office chair at 10 p.m. and opening my notebook, even though my brain wants junk TV or a pillow to cradle it. Even though it would have been perfectly fine to miss a day of longhand, to skip a week on the blog (gasp—don’t tell the experts), to dodge a schedule or make new rules.

All of this rumination is incredibly hilarious to me, in fact, because I’ve recently been filling the role of EditCassandra, Social Media Cheerleader and Blogging Therapist.

I’ve had two meetings with local small business owners for a mutual trade of some knowledge and services. I find myself saying, “There’s your blog post right there.” I say it a lot. And mean it.

What kind of blogging therapist would I be if I let the writing inertia conquer me? “Do as I say, not as I do” is so last century.

And here’s my confession: I will totally beat the drum about the amazing power of modern innovations to help us communicate and connect (for the sake of business, if that’s your thing), but when it comes right down to it, I have an unending belief in the idea that we all have stories to tell. That faith is why I love to talk to business owners and convince them to turn on the blogging magic, because I want to know the lore and legends that led them to where there are today.

I love what’s behind the scenes. It’s pretty much why I became an editor in the first place—to experience firsthand how writers develop and unlock their stories to share with other people. I want to hear the history, the goals, the tiny vulnerabilities, and maybe even a few dark secrets. To me, it doesn’t matter if you’re writing fiction or nonfiction. There are stories everywhere.

You have a story to share, don’t you? What is it? I want to know.


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