Sunday Afternoon Is a Choice: Decide to Create

Sunday afternoon is a choice. Or, it presents a choice. After logging hours in the tornado of the to-do list—chores and errands, chores and errands—I come to a point in the day much like a fork in a road.

Path #1: Solitude and Creation

To take a step in this direction is to choose solitude and creation. It’s a nod to the long-term prize. I can sit here in this office, alone, and commit to writing. My writing.

It’s my own little wall of inspiration.

I’m not entirely alone in my office.

I turn this corner and take ownership of my writing. Nurture it.

This choice tells my creative self that she matters. She does. She is important enough to me that I set aside the time and space she needs. I know she needs it. She needs air and light to breathe, and I can give it to her.

That’s one path to go down at that fork in the road on a Sunday afternoon.

Path #2: Distractions

I probably don’t need to expand on the other path. Who doesn’t have a treasure trove of distractions to plunder on a Sunday? Twitter, DVDs, friends, family, meals out, meals in, just a few more hours of relaxation before getting back on the work treadmill.

The world is full of pleasures. Many of them don’t involve sitting alone and concentrating on words. The path with distractions always looks a little greener. Lush. Rich.


Sometimes inertia is its own decision. Willful defiance. I don’t want to work. I’m tired of thinking. But who am I when I’m not creating? When I have no chance to distill the day’s stimulus and inspiration into the written word?

Without my writing self, I’m lost.

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