“Try not to think so much.”

Sometimes, the deepest wisdom comes from conversations you weren’t meant to hear. Like this gem from a soul muttering to himself and wandering down Halsted on Saturday night: “Try not to think so much.” It was the only coherent phrase I could catch as he walked by. He was talking right to me, even if he didn’t know it.

Most of my work involves editing, which, when you boil it down to its concentrated essence, is overthinking. When I want to switch gears and write, I have to let go of the grip that comes with analyzing word choice, scrutinizing structure, and guiding the pace in a document. It’s hard to turn that off and let the words flow. Overthinking while trying to write just leads to paralysis. I was lamenting to a friend and colleague that I had been too busy to write a blog post lately, and she said, “Just write 100 words. Don’t overthink it.”

I think she’s been hanging out with that guy on Halsted.

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