What You’d Never Expect an Editor to Say (a message from me to me and me to you)

I’m on a bit of a self-help kick, though I hate the term (a post on my complicated relationship with it is coming soon). I’ve gotten some help from a no-bullshit life coach. I’ve been reading and doing my homework. I’m taking down message after message and hoping to actually get through to myself.

I spend so much time analyzing—documents as an editor, my plans and in-progress work as a writer—that it is hard to turn off all that analysis and just be.

This post is late. You need to work harder, stick to your plans, meet your goals.

I have at least three other posts in progress, but all of them aren’t quite right yet, or so says the editor in me. You need to work harder.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I hate that particular struggle of mine, how it feeds on itself and deafens my perspective with its fever pitch. You’re not trying hard enough. You’re trying too hard. You can’t get it right.

It’s time for my rebuttal.

You are good enough exactly as you are.

You are good enough exactly as you are. It’s a big message in tiny print. It’s what you’d never expect an editor to say.

You are good enough exactly as you are.

It’s the message I’m plastering over the inner walls of my brain and outer walls of my work environment. Because even though there is always room for improvement, in the written word and my day-to-day life, there is no such thing as perfection.

Did you ever expect an editor to say that?

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